Where Would You Go?

#WhereWouldYouGo? This is the passion we share at Folsom Lake RV.

Do you dream of a sandy SoCal beach, with a warm breeze, and crashing waves?  Do you dream of following Historic Route 66 and encountering all the funky and fun Americana along the way?  Do you dream of the great Alaskan wilderness and its vast expanses?

Us, too!

Mindfulness, goal setting, and positive thinking are all qualities to practice because:

What you think about, is what your bring about.

So, unplug, unwind, and get away…


Heavens_Above_Her, By Ian Norman.jpg

Photo by Ian Norman (http://www.lonelyspeck.com) – Flickr and the review where it was used on Lonely Speck : [1], CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41734886

Video Answers for Our Most FAQs

We get a lot of calls from customers on advice and technical support with their RV.  We’ve selected some how-to videos to answer some of our most frequently asked questions in our Service Department.  We hope these videos are helpful to you.  We thought they were great!

Electrical System Overview, and Common Pitfalls


How to Manually Override your Slideouts


How to Flush your Black Tank (If It Doesn’t Have a Built-in Flush System)


Also, this is a very handy link for guides on using and troubleshooting your Level Up Leveling System.


As always, we at Folsom Lake RV are here to answer any of your burning questions.  So if this doesn’t cover it, feel free to contact us.  And if we are closed, don’t forget if you are a member of Coach-Net, they have 24/7 technical support and roadside assistance available to you.

Happy Camping!

Don’t get stuck while you’re trying to get “Lost”!

RVing is a lot of things.  Freedom, adventure, quality time, entertainment, and FUN.  You shouldn’t have to worry while you travel, that’s why we give everyone who buys an RV from Folsom Lake RV a full year Premier Membership to Coach-Net, giving our customers the peace of mind to fully enjoy their travels!

Coach-Net Motor Club provides 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Technical Support for its members, plus a whole host of other benefits to its members, including discounts at campsites, hotels, and RV insurance.  And in the event of a breakdown, Coach-Net has truly unlimited towing for your RV, AND your personal vehicle.


For more information on this awesome program and what is has to offer you, visit www.coach-net.com, or contact Melinda Miller, our fabulous Finance Manager.  If you don’t already have a Coach-Net membership, or you would like to learn how you can extend your current 1 year membership to a total of 5 years, she can get you the right program to fit your lifestyle, leaving you free to enjoy the open road.


Melinda Miller
Finance Manager 
Available Wednesdays through Sundays

Back to School: Vacations in a Weekend

School is back in session soon; back to schedules, and homework, and projects, oh my! School is hard work for your kiddos, and well, for you, too!  It can seem like there is just no spare time, but some of the best camping happens when the kids are in school.  You can have the perfect weekend getaway to unplug and reconnect with each other, all it takes is just a little bit of planning.  Look at the school calendar for 3-day weekends or other scheduled days off, and find an RV campground within a couple hours drive.  Any further and you’ll spend most of your time driving, rather than playing.  But be sure to book your reservation early, as the spots can fill up fast.  I’ve posted previously on great campgrounds close to us here.


One place my family recharges and connects is at the river delta.  It is about an hour away, but it feels like we are in a different world all together.  Our worries and stresses just melt away, cruising along the river and hanging out on the beach by the RV.  My two and a half year old LOVES sleeping in the “RV truck,” so bedtime isn’t usually an issue and we can keep him on his regular schedule (mostly).  Really, there is nothing that beats the look of joy on his face when we are out having fun at the river in the family RV.

The Kiddo and The Grandpa training to catch a wave.  Hang Loose!

Folsom Lake RV Summer RV Campsite Recipes

Featured: 2018 Little Guy Max coming soon to Folsom Lake RV

When you are out camping in your RV, you are making memories to last a lifetime.  And a lot of happy memories center around friends, family and food.  We know of some people who like to have the same meal for the first night of camping as a kick-off for the entire trip.  They have the same meal on the first day as a matter of ritual and togetherness.  It is their RV vacation food.  That meal will forever be associated with all their memories, and their children’s’ memories, of vacations with their family.

Whether you are a seasoned RV chef, or a newbie campsite cook, these recipes will be inspiration for your grill to help get you past the chicken and burgers. And, they are ready in no time, so you can maximize the amount of time doing what you set out to do…relax and have FUN!

We’ve picked a couple simple recipes from various places to share.  Most use foil because foil packets keep the prep and cleanup super quick.  Make sure you are using Heavy Duty foil, though!  So get the whole family involved in chopping and foil folding and it’ll be dinner in no time.  Even little ones hands can get in on the action, folding and tearing the foil, or placing the veggies in the packets.


  1. Grilled Pineapple – No foil needed
Bright, juicy, sweet slices of heaven.

This full flavored fruit is magically transformed into magnificence when it is exposed to a hot grill.   It may seem as though I am being a little overdramatic here, but I am not.  It.Is.That.Good. If you haven’t tried it, you must do it.  Now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

It’s simple. Peel and cut pineapple into spears or rings, and place directly on grill for as little or as long as you like, turning on each side.

For a little added spice, here are some suggestions:

Honey Grilled Pineapple from Ina Garten and Food Network

Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Pineapple from Allrecipes.com User Soccernut


  1. Eggy, Cheesy Hashbrowns!
Foil packet hashbrowns just are a lot easier!

Even during the week, breakfast is a big deal at our house.  We sit and eat together every morning, and I make our lunches while I have enlightening conversations about how the world works with my two and a half year old.  My little toddler has lately taken to requesting “Cereal. With milk. And Beeeenana!”  And on weekends, we usually try to make a special breakfast at least once.  Hashbrowns are always greeted with enthusiasm, so this recipe we found is a must while camping!  We may even have to adopt it at the house, since the cleanup is so easy, and life with a toddler means there is just never enough time, or bananas.

Check it out here from the folks at delish.com.


  1. Philly Cheesesteaks
Try different colors for variety.

Yes, please!  Heat some halved rolls on the grill, as well, and you have got yourself a mighty fine meal.  It is so simple, and so good!

Go here, another recipe from delish.com!




  1. Pesto Salmon Packets
Fresh pesto is amazing!

My family has been on a pesto kick this summer!  It is so refreshing with the olive oil, basil, garlic, and pine nuts, and full of the good fats to boot!  Pair it up with salmon and you have got an omega fatty acid powerhouse.  So we just had to do this. And with all the fresh heirloom cherry tomatoes right now, oh my goodness!  Brain food and being outdoors, what a gift to yourself!

Click here for the recipe from cookingclassy.com (Foil packets and classy?  Heck yeah! That’s how we roll!)


Hopefully, these selections have inspired you to use your grill with abandon!  Or at least inspired you to book a RV spot at your favorite campground. Summer is such a great time to get away, and with your RV you can, even if just for the weekend.  And quick recipes mean making the most of your time!

Courtesy C. Boudreau

What are some of your favorite time saving RV recipes?  Share in the comments and Share them here on our Facebook page!  Let us see what you made with some pictures!

First-timer guide to camping

IMG_3972 ss 5
Back when I was a first-timer.

We love RVing!  But for first-timers, it can be pretty intimidating.  Don’t fret, my friend!  RVing is fun, especially if you take a few moments to get prepared.

This free guide by Beth McRoberts, available for a limited time on Amazon.com, has lots of advice on how to get a handle on your first trip!  Although it is written for those on their first tent camping trip, it is very useful for first-time RVers, too!  Replace the word “tent” for “RV,”  and well, you get the idea.

It’s also got some great campfire recipes, and tips on what items you need to bring, and those items (and worries) you can really leave behind.  So read up and then get camping!

Happy Trails!

Exciting Announcement: New Brand, Colt by Bullet, at Folsom Lake RV!



This brand new RV line from RV leaders Keystone RV is lightweight (3000lbs dry) and designed to go places!  Easy to maneuver, with luxury styling, this travel trailer is just 20 feet long and includes a small hitch for your bike rack.

You can check out our stock here, and we’ve included some pictures below.

For more information on the Colt by Bullet, check out this great write up by RVBusiness.com that includes a video tour!

5 Exceptional RV Campgrounds Close Enough for Weekend Getaways!

cougar bicycle scene(Photo courtesy of Keystone RV)

With the daily hustle and bustle to “get things done,” it can be hard to unplug and unwind after a hard days work, or two, or five!  Our Senior Fun Specialists (and Folsom Lake RV owners), Debbie and Charlie, have spent their lives, and careers, RVing around the United States, and have found some of the best places to set up camp, unplug, and unwind.  They’ve shared 5 of their favorite local RV campgrounds below.  They are all within a few hours drive from Sacramento, making it easy to getaway with the family for the weekend!  Of course, all of these campgrounds are dog friendly, so you can bring the entire family.

Your super easy, and super fun, family weekend awaits!

Placerville KOA

Located in Shingle Springs, this campground is located in California’s historic Gold Country, and is a great starting point for touring the “Wild West.”  Visit Coloma (the site of the first gold discovery in California) for Gold Rush history, hiking, and river rafting trips.  Head up to Placerville (13 minute drive from the campsite) to see why its nickname is “Old Hangtown,” and continue on to Apple Hill for apples, pears, and pumpkins in the Fall, and Christmas trees in the winter.  Plus, some of El Dorado county’s best wineries are literally minutes away.

Placerville KOA also has free movie nights, bike rentals, and a free 24-hour shuttle to Redhawk Casino, just 5 miles away.

49er Village RV Resort

Ready to venture out just a little further into the countryside?  Take a trip down Highway 49 to Plymouth and stay at the “Gateway to Shenandoah Valley.”  Plymouth was founded in 1871 as a mining town, and is surrounded by historical sites.  There are cavern tours, gold panning experiences, and at the Chaw’Se Grinding Rock State Historic Park, in Pine Grove, you can visit a reconstructed Miwok village and museum.  For even more Gold Rush history visit Historic Jamestown, or head over to the town of Columbia to immerse yourself among the highest concentration of gold rush-era buildings in California.

The 49er Village RV Resort has 2 swimming pools, fishing, and games/activities available on site.

Petaluma KOA

The San Francisco North/Petaluma KOA is surrounded by adventures for all types, including visiting the world-class city of San Francisco, touring Napa and Sonoma wineries, checking out the Sonoma Raceway, and exploring Point Reyes National Seashore.  Petaluma KOA has all kinds of on-site amenities available as well, so if you decide to stay in, there’s plenty to do.  In the summer, on-site activities include a rock wall, Jumping Pillow, pool and spa, mega playground, karaoke, hayrides and live weekend entertainment. They also offer guided tours of San Francisco and the wine country.

And don’t forget to dine at one of Petaluma’s fine restaurants.

Below: Wally loved to hang out at the campgrounds and people-watch (Courtesy of Debbie and Charlie at the Petaluma KOA).
wally cycle

Casini Ranch Family Campground

Tucked into a bend in the Russian River, you can enjoy the wilderness at Casini Ranch Family Campground in Duncan Mills, CA.  Just little over 2 hours from Sacramento, you can really unplug here as there is 1 mile of beach access for swimming and fishing, and a launch for canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards.  You can “get lost” on the miles of trails at the Willow Creek State Park, or visit the majestic redwoods at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, just 18 minutes away by car.

But don’t worry, there are hookups and WiFi available if you want them.  They also have movie nights, hayrides, and ice cream socials.  Call for schedule.

Durango RV Resort

Thirty minutes south of Redding, in Red Bluff, CA, Durango RV Resort is another highly recommended campground.  The resort sits along the Sacramento River and is centrally located for excursions to Shasta National Forest, Lassen National Park, and Whiskytown Recreation Area.

Like all of Debbie and Charlie’s favorites, this resort offers a host of on-site activities and amenities, including a basketball court and putting green.  If you are looking to really relax and unwind, the resort offers a spa for massage services to promote deep relaxation and ease stress.  Now who wouldn’t want that?

These campgrounds are all open year-round, so you can potentially camp on any given weekend.  The best way to make your trip the easiest as possible is to plan ahead!  Book your reservations early, especially for the summer season, to maximize your weekend fun!


(Folsom Lake RV did not receive any contributions or compensation for the recommendations in this article.  All sites have been personally camped at by Debbie and Charlie, and their recommendations come from their experiences.)

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